Saturday, July 26, 2014

Five Signs That You’ve Met Your Soulmate – The Mutual Accordance Or Heart Intimacy At Its Best

“You don’t like yogurt at night? Me, neither!”
“You don’t like getting up early in the morning? Me, too!”
“What, you loved that book which I lent you yesterday?” “God! I loved that, too!” 
And, then either of you says, “Wow! What a lovely surprise that both of us have mutual likes and dislikes on many things! Both of us hate yogurt at night and both of us loved the book.”

Well, I don’t know really if you have been to this kind of experience before, but if you ever have been to such an experience, and you couldn't appreciate the encounter much, you perhaps blew your soulmate!

One of the most trustworthy gut-feelings when it comes to understanding if someone gotta be your soulmate or not is to understand the intangible cue of mutual accordance or heart intimacy that both of you unwittingly share with each other. 

To state otherwise, when both of you sit together, start chatting over random subjects and feel wondered that how come most of your likes and dislikes are mutually agreeable, then believe it or not – you guys are made for each other provided both of you possess the capability to get the cue.

What drives two people to get smitten by each other? 
Is it personality, beauty or body language? 

Well, that would require a long discussion to come up with a conclusion, as people have their respective viewpoints over such a delicate subject like being in love. 

While some may attribute their oddity of being smitten by personality, some may tell you that it was simplicity that they fell for. I can’t contradict and I believe neither you would contradict these reasons, as somewhere in a context, these points hold true.

But I concur that while these signs of getting in love often end up with the story of unrequited love-tragedy in the life of most love-birds, the one, where mutual accordance or mutual understanding is at its best, prospers timelessly.

The key reason why a relationship based on mutual understanding lasts long is the fact that it barely brings-in any reason that may cause distrust or quarrel between the couple. For instance, if she is upset on something and so she is unwilling to talk or wants a little privacy, then you’d get the cue and leave her alone until she’s regains her previous mood of happiness. 

But if there’s no mutual understanding, you would perhaps doubt on her inertia of talking to you or would probably make a lot of persuasions unsuccessfully in order to put her at ease. 

The beauty of a relationship which is based on mutual respect and understanding of each one’s innermost feelings remains eternal. And this kind of relationship is exemplary and inspirational to others as well.

At last, when you find him/her being mutually respectful and accordant with your feelings/likes and dislikes, get the cue - he/she’s your prospective soulmate. 

As a matter of fact:

To be continued...