Thursday, July 24, 2014

Five Signs That You've Met Your Soulmate: Sudden Rapid Heart Beat Or Sweetening Lurch In Tummy

I believe love at first sight or love at several sights often leads the love-birds to the beatific serendipity of a new-born relationship, an intangible ecstasy full of dreams and affection. Such a relationship is not devoid of love, and most of us tend to define it as eternal, soulful or even godlike. But falling in love at first sight is not the correct yardstick to measure the immensity of love in it. Because, it is not the love, it is the life in it that counts - :)

It is not the love, it is the life in it that defines soulmate.

More often than not, people, who fell in love at first sight or went through the encounter of several meetings at a park, a hotel, a pub, a restaurant or any private rendezvous, never succeeded keeping the love alive till grave. 


Because that’s not the true love, it was something, you say, crush or something ‘Easy Peasy Lemon Squezy’ attraction. 
So, what makes a love a true love after all? What makes it timeless? 
If you ask me, it all starts from the soul mate, someone so alter-ego of your own self that both of you feel the mirror-image of each other.  If you've fallen in love with such a person, I bet, your love will last longer. 
But, the question is, how many of us succeed recognizing a soulmate? 
Surprisingly, most of us really fail to get the cue of this cosmic sign when their prospective soulmate is round the corner or just walks past them unacknowledging their presence. I tell you from my own understanding that if you feel these signs; you are certainly in for being driven by some unknown hypnotism of your soulmate. 

These signs are as follows:

A lurch in tummy or unnatural heart-beat just kicks-in at the sight of his/her

Ha! I bet this is the surest of the surest sign of the near-around-feel of your soul-mate. 

Hey, just take my words carefully. I tell you, when you feel sudden lurch in your tummy or unnatural heart-beat pumping at the sight of someone (familiar), just be sure as hell that the person has certain invisible bound with you. 

She’s like a parcel walking down in the quest for right destination :)

Do you think that you feel these signs at the sight of every girl you come across? 

Get yourself checked, man; for these signs, if followed in several repetitions each time you see her, really mean something. Do not ignore it. 

And do not ignore this anecdote, too:
Outside a coffee shop at New Delhi, India, his (an anonymous friend) eyes felt the sight of a stunningly beautiful, fair, hot spankable girl in her twenty. 

Believe me, he felt the same symptomatic convulsions as described up above the paragraph, but that was slightly sexual, not amorous.  She was too striking for those poor organs inside his body to stand the dazzling beauty. He didn't mean ogling, just praised the fairy to himself. 

Quite interestingly, he was not the lone victim of her beauty, almost every guy sipping their coffee at the shop looked at her with an awkward stare. Soon, some of the onlookers actually let out kinky sigh at her finely looking figure.

Common man! Take it easy, that’s natural of boys, ain’t it?

The point is, if you've felt the signs just like the poor boy, they barely signify you've got your soulmate.  
To tell the truth, encounter of such a feel is very rare, unnoticeable sometime.  When he/she comes across you, you feel speechless, stammering sometimes, you can’t focus what the shit you gotta say out; all you get is “kuch kuch hota hai” feel.

To be continued...